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Islas Sacrificios [XE1 letter e.]
By Wolfgang Schippke, DC3MF
last update: 04.Sep.1999

small MapIslas Sacrificios (19N11, 96W06) is the collective name for a group of reef and islands, fronting the town of Veracruz. The group consists of Arrecife Anegada, de la Adentro, the outermost cay, Isla Verde, a small sandy island, Arrecife Pajaros, Arrecife Blanquilla, Arrecife de la Gallega and Arrecife Galleguilla with Isla Hornos on its side. On some of the small islets stands wooden houses, used by fisher.

Isla de Sacrificios is a small cay on the south end of a reef close south of Arrecife Isla de Pajaros. The passage between here and Pajaros is narrow and foul. There stands a concrete lighttower on the cay, 127 ft high with black and white bands. A small coast guard station stands near the lighttower. Landing is possible on a small pier on the north side of the island. (The exact position of the Sacrificios old Lighttower is given with 19°10.4'N and 96°05.5'W. A new light was errected in the last 30 years some yards offshore the old tower)

It is sayed that Hernando Cortes landed first of Isla Sacrificios, the most prominent island in the group, and named it in 1519. before he started to its well known run to Mexico City (Technochtitlan).

Isla Sacrificios with the lighttower, seen from main shores