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Some about my Person
(last update of page: 31th Jan.2001)
Name: Wolfgang Schippke
borne in 1954
living in a suburb of Fürth in Northern Bavaria, some 200 km north of Munich or about 25 km west of Nürnberg
Position: 49°30.2' North, 10°51.1' East Hight: 401 m NN on the top of an mountain
Ham Radio since 1969, Call DC3MF
Professional: IT Management
Married since 1998
My special interests are:
  • and shure my wife Dagmar !
    Stations for Ham- and Natural-Radio:

  • For Natural Radio I use several Antennas:
    a) Square with 4 m² and 4x2 turns
    b) Square with 2 m² and 70 turns
    c) Ferrite Antenna with 1000 turns on a 30 cm long ferrite with a diameter of 2.5 cm
    d) Long wire 52 m long, 8 to 5 meters above ground
    e) Earth loop with 7 turns
    Receivers for Natural Radio:
    a) several amplifiers with OP's and Transistors or FET's
    b) several computers with Soundcards including a Laptop with an excellent soundcard
    c) several software
    d) receiver system from 9.1 kHz ... 245 kHz with Ferrite Antennas (mainly to receive 16 kHz from Great Britain)
    In the last years (since the 1970's) I wrote several articles about ionospherical research, radio astronomy and to about longwave and natural-radio. I wrote also several books.
    "Was geschah in in der steinigen Tungustka 1908?", München 1983
    "Handbuch für Planetenbeobachter - Radioastronomie an Planeten (Jupiter)", Heraus. G.D.Roth, München 1984
    "Meteorscatter - Physics and Observation", Handbook of the Radioastronomy, Heppenheim, 1990
    "Phasenuntersuchungen zur Kalibrierung", Firmenschrift Leasametric, 1991
    "Messungen der Phase und Amplitude von DCF77 auf einer 450 km langen Teststrecke", Firmenschrift Leasametric, 1992
    "Feldstärke-Messungen auf 16 kHz, Sender GBR, und Analyse der Werte", Firmenschrift Telebild, München 1993
    "SODAR, ein Gerät zur Erforschung der unteren Troposphäre", Electronic Actuel, 1989
    "Funkwellenausbreitung im Mittelwellenbereich", Funk, 1991
    "Kleinräumige Irregularitätszellen der Troposphäre über urbanem Gebiet", URSI, 1993
    "Receiving Systems in the range below 22 kHz", MUMET Report, 1994